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mini update + spring mood

mini update + spring mood

It’s been a while since I’ve updated. It’s 2019, and I’ve been evaluating what I really want to invest my time and energy into this year. This blog, self-growth, my art/career, and updating my shoe collection.

I have a lot I’ve been working on lately, and will have so much more to share on here in the coming months. In the meantime — I saw the sun for 45 minutes today, and probably won’t see it again until next Tuesday. If you’ve kept up on social media, you probably saw that my husband and I moved to Nashville from Sunny LA last month. It’s been an easy adjustment and it feels good to be around entirely new people and really soak in the creative and inspiring energy this city has. The weather has been nuts with the constant rain and a literal tornado warning (?!?!) earlier this month. It doesn’t hurt that there are actual TREES and PARKS and CLEANER AIR here, though. After living in smoggy Hollywood and having a concrete front yard, I’ll never take a nice lawn and local park for granted again. 

I’ve thrown together these little mood boards for the energy I’m trying to exude this Spring. Hoping for lots of sundresses and, well, sun. I’ll probably be hibernating until April, but CGH will be alive and well then.


Overall takeaway: Nashville is (surprisingly, for me) pretty hip and I’ve learned it’s totally possible to wear a cute midi skirt with no tights in 34 degree weather and not cry about it. (Insert a clip here of Wim Hof doing some crazy shit in ice water.) Big mood for the remainder of Winter. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 5.02.37 PM.png

Stay warm + see you in April,


winter mood board

winter mood board