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a san francisco lady based in nashville and the creator of cosmic golden honey.

 self care is sacred

self care is sacred

1 / Add some extra love and magic to your morning coffee. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil, fermented mushroom mix, cinnamon, and a little agave syrup.
2 / Leave your hair wild. Try not to use any heat and as minimal of styling products as you feel comfortable. Let it do it's own thing.
3 / Wear something loose and flowy. Let your body breathe.

4 / Put flowers in your hair. Spray your skin and hair with rosewater. Drink floral jasmine tea. Instead of wearing a synthetic perfume, mix some pomegranate and rose oils with a dab of jojoba oil, and rub it on your pressure points. You'll smell sweet all day and moisturize your skin in the process.

5 / When you wake up, stand in front of the mirror and pick out three physical attributes you like about yourself. Don't allow yourself to have negative thoughts during this time. Kiss your own hands and knees. Thank your vessel for all it does.

6 / Eat clean, plant-based meals. Make a conscious effort to eat more strawberries, broccoli, avocado, spinach, sweet potatoes, nectarines, cherries, pomegranates, acai, papaya, oranges, olives, grains. All of these foods are not only delicious but excellent for your skin and health.

7 / Swap your body lotion for a natural oil. My personal favourites are jojoba oil and olive oil.

8 / Wake up 20 minutes early. Try using the extra time to get productive. Sitting on your bed in the quiet is okay, too.

9 / Recipe for the perfect quick midday bath: Fill your bathroom with plants like aloe (and use it on your skin!), bamboo, ivy, or boston ferns -- all these plants are tough enough to survive in minimally lit bathrooms, but will help clean the air and bring a little life to the space. Diffuse some oils like lavender or citrus. Try making a quick blend of epsom salt with dried lavender or lavender oil, and charge it with amethyst to protect against negative energies. Add this to your bath water and read a book, listen to music, or enjoy the silence. When you drain the tub, imagine any of your stress and sadness going down the drain, too.

10 / Make time every day to journal. Even if it's short, always write down how you're feeling, what you accomplished, and what you're grateful for. 

11 / Remind yourself that you're growing, blooming, and becoming your best self every day.


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